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Josh Beechraft

Josh Beechraft

Owner/Marketing Strategist

Jesse Kethman

Jesse Kethman

Client Relations

Lyle Powers

Lyle Powers


About Click Search Solutions

Click Search Solutions is a veteran-owned, family-run digital marketing company.

Our Core Values are:


We choose a position of integrity, this allows us to show results with transparency and give us the opportunity to prove our value month over month. This is a requirement in our company, creating an environment where clients are seen as partners. This forces us to maintain a mutual interest in the project while we grow the relationship substantially, profitably, and professionally.


Quality is not a given with every company you do business with these days, we see this and choose to be the business we would want to do business with. The quality of work and the quality of results are directly connected, and if we are to have the pleasure of earning the trust to serve your business, we value that relationship with a genuine provable quality difference that is felt in every interaction.


Passion is required to succeed in an industry that moves as fast as digital marketing. This is a multi-faceted industry that is impossible to keep up with unless you connect with the people that have done the research, work, and gotten the results. Through continued education and learning opportunities all over the world, we are able to collect the most effective strategies and techniques that get our clients the highest quality results possible.

Our Team:

Josh Beechraft – Owner/Marketing Strategist

Josh has been involved in din Digital Marketing since 2008, starting as a hobbyist, growing a side income helping people set up websites, social media, and other important campaigns. He found a passion for helping others connect the dots with real results-based marketing.

In 2014 Josh stepped out on his own to start the digital marketing agency that today is Click Search Solutions. Having helped numerous clients get the results they can feel the impact of, Josh has been invited to numerous online communities to coach and help other entrepreneurs utilize the techniques that drive revenues and build business for themselves.

Outside of business, Josh is engaged with 1 son and 3 dogs, he also has a background in audio and video productions, was a professional Magician, and plays the guitar (or so he thinks).

Jesse Kethman – Client Relations/Visibility Coach

Jesse learned early on in his work career that integrity matters… he found his passion in sales and helping people solve problems by finding and offering the right solutions to their needs. In his teenage years he worked in the carpet cleaning industry, and quickly became the highest value employee, customers loved him and the business was very happy with the added revenues.

Once a new opportunity arose to help people understand technology in the cellular industry Jesse was a top contributor to his teams and received many awards for his ability to serve his customers at the highest level with real integrity, this was awarded with a promotion to manage teams within the company leading him to coach other on how to be more effective at selling with integrity.

Eventually moving on to the auto industry he was a valued member receiving awards for his customer service and profitability to the business, now finding himself as an entrepreneur he has settled on helping other businesses connect the dot on provable revenue-generating digital marketing strategies.

Outside of business, Jesse is married with 2 dogs and enjoys sports, gaming, and being with friends.

Lyle Powers – Operations/Visibility Coach

Lyle is a master of operation and fine-tuning of systems and processes. As a teenager, he enlisted in the Navy and found his place as a diesel mechanic on submarines. This experience taught him the core values of efficiency in processes. He continued to expand and explore this talent after his honorable discharge from the Navy, he found his place in the automotive industry as a tool and die maker. This requires extreme attention to detail while meeting tight deadlines.

After masting his craft he turned to head up his local UAW chapter and worked with others to further refind the efficiency of the work environment to betterment all the employees in his factory. This experience has shown him the value of communication and helping people become better at what they do.

After his time in the automotive industry, he became an entrepreneur, running multiple profitable businesses include food services, rentals, and entertainment, and now has settled into his roles inside the family businesses including Click Search Solutions.

Outside of business, Lyle is married with 2 dogs, plays guitar, and loves learning.